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How Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover From Pain in Bristol

Most professional athletes and sports team have their own physiotherapist and team doctor. The reason why a player and a team need these specialists is due to the importance of solving injuries as soon as possible.

If you are an athlete, it is important that you perform at top levels all the time.

physio treatment for a sports injury

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Every sportsperson may need some sports physiotherapy carried out from time to time. Even if you cannot afford your personal specialist or doctor, it is vital that you get the details of a physiotherapist near you. This is to ensure that when you are injured, you know who to call and who to visit. With physiotherapy, you can get your injury healed and performance level returned in no time at all.

When you visit a specialist, the first thing that will be done is an initial checkup. This examination is important as it will help the doctor to diagnose your condition. Based on x-rays, physical tests and other methods, a professional can easily pinpoint your injury and tell the cause of the injury. An initial checkup is also appropriate as it will help your physiotherapist to come up with the right rehabilitation plan for you.

After diagnosing your condition, it is time for you to start healing. Your physiotherapist will first want you to take a break from your routine until you get a little better. During this period of rest, your doctor might also want you to take medication to help with the healing process. This could include painkillers, antibiotics, and hormones that help heal injuries and grow tissues.

Once your doctor thinks that you are fit enough to return to the field, you will then be encouraged to participate in physiotherapy exercises. These exercises are important as it helps you to get started and slowly rebuild your momentum to get back to optimum performance levels.

"Utilising physiotherapy, an athlete can get his or her injury diagnosed quickly and ensure that the right steps are taken to heal and rehabilitate the body." says Tim, a physiotherapist based in Bristol.

Your therapist might also want to monitor your performance on physiotherapy exercises for the first few weeks. This will allow the doctor to gauge your rehabilitation process and decide whether you should proceed further or continue taking a break.

Frozen shoulder is a common problem that most athletes will encounter. He or she will feel stiffness and pain in the shoulder and find it hard to move it about. In some cases, the shoulder is literally 'frozen' to one position, and moving it will cause a world of pain.

If you are facing a problem with frozen shoulder, a physiotherapist can easily solve your condition. With a little exercise and a few days off your regular routine, you will be back on track in no time at all.

The body is the asset of any athlete or sportsperson. Any malfunction or injury can stop you from receiving that gold medal or helping your team in winning that important game. Therefore, it is important that the entire body is kept in tip-top condition. And if any condition or discomfort arises, you should get immediate attention to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Physiotherapy is a profession of medicine that assists to revive function and motion in sufferers affected by impairment, sickness, or injuries. The objective of sports physiotherapy is to help individuals get back their regular functional ability by using healthy techniques, for example, motivation, physical exercise, healing equipment, and training.

While dealing with an individual, they take a healthy approach and address the body in general, instead of only focusing on the particular causes of injury as well as illness. To attain its target, Physio utilises certain techniques and methods. Let's understand in more detail what these methods are and the way they work.

Physiotherapists apply manual force by using their hands and fingers to mobilise joints as well as soft tissues to be able to lessen the pain that results because of joint stiffness or maybe muscle spasm.

This kind of manual approach is utilised for the following causes:

1) To boost movements of damaged parts of the body.

2) To relieve discomfort and pain.

3) To improve blood circulation throughout the body.

4) To enable discharge of fluid from various body parts.


Sports physiotherapy may include physical exercise in your treatment solution in two ways.

First of all, it can be used throughout the healing phase of certain situations such as surgeries as well as sports injuries which affect the entire mobility of the sufferer.

The second thing is, particular workouts may be taught so as to strengthen the damaged section of the body. For example, in case there is paresis due to stroke, a physiotherapist can put together workouts to enhance the damaged limbs.


This process of therapy uses water to assist in healing. Hydrotherapy is conducted in a shallow swimming pool with lukewarm water or perhaps in an exclusive hydrotherapy swimming pool. Usually, it's used for children and adults with physical and learning difficulties. Nevertheless, it helps to boost blood flow and loosen up contracted muscle tissue.


The Electrotherapy is a therapeutic method used in Physio that stimulates muscle contraction, therefore lowering pain and supporting healing. It's called Electrotherapy as it uses electric energy or perhaps impulses to stimulate the central nervous system, which then causes muscle contractions.

Whatever method the sports physiotherapy uses, it won't accomplish the same goal if specific lifestyle changes aren't implemented. For example, if a person is suffering from muscle pain, in addition to therapy sessions, the value should be given to sustaining the right posture when standing, sleeping, as well as sitting.

The patient's effort is just as essential as the physiotherapist's.

Pain can be an all consuming feeling, so you'll notice a lift in your mood as well as you're able to feel more in control of those symptoms.

Through a range of exercises and physiotherapy techniques, you will be in a great position to help alleviate any discomfort or pain you currently experience as a results of your injury or bad posture.

Hopefully you can see from this information, that physiotherapy is a fantastic way to help treat a wide range of issues.

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